Tissue Culture  


Long term genetic preservation

Preserving the health of cannabis cultivars is not easy task, even harder when looking for the standardization and quality of medical grade grow operations.

Aged cultivars create problems as low rooting ratios, vigor lost or lack of stress resistance among others, and usually have external viruses affecting the complete plant cycle.


Tissue culture propagation

Cannabis tissue culture refresh your strains, avoiding problems of aging, ensuring maximum yield, standardization and premium quality.

Tissue culture also clean your cultivars of any pathogen, virus or disease.

Improved your consistency ensuring genetic uniformity and standardization for medical cannabis crops.

Reduce your risk with cultivars related problems as viruses, rooting success, or lost of yield.

Protect your IP from problems that could wipe out your entire mother rooms, greenhouses and indoor facilities.

Tissue Culture Services

Genetic refreshing and cleaning services

Long-term sterile safe stock

Tissue Culture Benefits

Best method to maintain & safeguard plant stock


& Quality

Virus, pathogen and disease-free plants

Preserve unique strain’s traits