Our co-founder Veronica Codesido, Ph.D. participates in the Cannabis Business Europe 2021, speaking about New Breeding Techniques for Improving Cannabis Crops

Cannabis Business Europe is one of the most significant events in the cannabis space where experts around the globe give the latest insights in all the verticals of the industry.

Verónica Codesido, PhD exposes the latest advances in New Breeding Techniques for Improving Cannabis Crops. The topics discussed at the conference are:

  • What breeding means?
  • Traits to be improved
  • Classical breeding techniques
  • New breeding techniques: in vitro culture
  • New breeding techniques: double haploids
  • New breeding techniques: The -omics era



Verónica Codesido Sampedro is doctor in biology for the University of Vigo (2006). Her doctoral thesis was made in the Lourizán Forest Research Institute (CIFAL), being the aim of the thesis establishing the radiata pine breeding program in Galicia. During her PhD, she had also the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Dag Lindgren at SLU (Umea, Sweden) for few months to learn as much as possible about quantitative genetics, genetic gain, combining ability, etc. Simultaneously, she had the possibility to participate in an ambitious European Project titled TREEBREEDEX with more than 24 European research institutes all around Europe. She enjoyed a postdoctoral position (JAEdoc) in the Agrobiological Research Institute (CSIC) in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on In Vitro Culture and molecular biology of chestnut and oak, being the first that has identified a gene responsible for the root formation process as well as responsible of flowering structure on forest specie, publishing it on GeneBank databases. Later, she started to work at Aula Dei Research Institute in Zaragoza (Spain) in the sorghum breeding program for obtaining bioethanol for biodiesel production. She also was working in Al Zaidin Research Station in Granada in proteomics of horticultural species. Finally, she was working at the University of Cordoba on an interesting project about the use of biotechnology for improving olive breeding programs, using all the techniques learned before. She is referee of several international scientific journals of plant breeding. She was the manager of the breeding and cultivation department of the company Phytoplant Research, a research company of Cannabis production, cultivation and extraction. Nowadays, she is cofounder and responsible of cultivation of MIFCO Biosciences, a biotechnological Cannabis company in the south of Spain.