Empresa española autorizada para el cultivo y producción de Cannabis medicinal.

MIFCO Biosciences obtains a license for the cultivation of Cannabis for medical and research purposes.

  • MIFCO obtains a license for the cultivation of Cannabis for medical and research purposes from the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products)
  • Securing the license allows MIFCO to start its cultivation and processing activity focused on research for a correct agro-industrial scaling up in 1,500 m2 facilities designed to test various technologies and cultivation methods.
  • In the coming months, it will build commercial-scale facilities that will consist of 12,500 m2 of a high-tech greenhouse, EU GMP processing center, and micropropagation laboratory, with a production capacity of 10 tons per year.
  • All propagation will be carried out using innovative in vitro micropropagation techniques, guaranteeing the plants’ genetic preservation and ensuring a product free of viruses and pathogens.
  • MIFCO wants to become an international reference in the medical Cannabis sector by supplying medical-grade products to global drug manufacturers and distributors.

Málaga, 31 May 2021

MIFCO Biosciences is a Spanish company authorized to cultivate and process Cannabis for medical and research purposes. It has just obtained a license from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), allowing the start of its activity.

The goal is to supply pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors with high-quality, virus-free medicinal Cannabis produced with innovative in vitro micropropagation techniques, using only organic supplements in their greenhouses.

MIFCO Biosciences is founded by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the medical Cannabis industry, supported by a management and advisory group with a cumulative track record of more than 150 years in financial, industrial, strategic and management consulting, and plant biotechnology.

During the coming months, MIFCO will develop its activity in a pilot project focused on the in vitro establishment of Cannabis varieties and the testing of various cultivation technologies for correct agroindustrial scaling. It has 1.500 m2 of facilities equipped with the latest agricultural technology.

In 2022 MIFCO will have the capacity to supply 10 tons of dried flower in API grade with EU GACP and GMP certificates. The company is building 12,500 m2 dedicated to high-tech greenhouses, a plant material processing center under EU GACP and GMP regulations, and a micropropagation laboratory. Besides, it has an area of ​​20ha of land available to increase its production capacity quickly.

The company is currently open to evaluating long-term supply contracts, providing its business partners with a stable supply of plant material with a high phytosanitary record and high cannabinoid content.

Tissue Culture: innovating Medical Cannabis

In vitro plant propagation is a biotechnology technique widely used in economically important crops, constituting one of the biotechnological methods contributing the most significant achievements to agriculture development.

MIFCO has its proprietary micropropagation protocols as a result of the extensive experience of its team in this biotechnology technique that provides the following benefits:

  • It allows obtaining plants with a high phytosanitary registration: this cultivation system eliminates bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases.
  • The plants obtained by this technique are exact replicas of each other and faithful copies of the parent plant, facilitating the crop’s total uniformity.
  • The number of individuals obtained by this method is much higher than that obtained by any other propagation method, significantly shortening the plants’ production times and optimizing space use.
  • Conservation of germplasm: material from a group of individuals representing the genetic variability of a plant population, avoiding the storage of mother plants in long rooms.

Quality and research

MIFCO understands quality as the correct integration of human capital, physical assets, and financial resources, seeking a complete harmonization between them and providing its clients with plant material produced under the most demanding standards.

The company will follow strict procedures to guarantee Cannabis produced under EU GACP and GMP standards.

Its robust approach to R&D&i means that all processes are supported by scientific and technical evidence. For this reason, the company was born with a clear research strategy for the optimization of the productive cycle of medicinal Cannabis.

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